Save all your Instagram photos to your local hard drive


How it workes?

  • Download to your Mac

    It’s fast, and free!

  • Paste Your Instagram Profile

  • Congrats! Your pictures is at your Mac


How to Uninstall the Photo Saver ?

Step 1 - Log into your Mac with an administrator account

1. Log into your Mac with an administrator account. If you are not logged in with an administrative account, you will be asked to enter a password when you try to delete something.
  • To find out whether your account has admin rights, click on the Apple menu, select System Preferences, and then choose Users & Groups. Check that your account shows in the list as "Admin."

Step 2 - Open your Applications folder

2. Open your Applications folder. Browse for the program that you want to uninstall. Some programs are represented by a single icon, such as Firefox, while others are a folder of multiple icons, such as Microsoft Office.
  • Programs can possibly found in other locations, such as the Desktop.

Step 3 - Drag the program or folder of programs that you wish to delete to the Trash

3. Drag the program or folder of programs that you wish to delete to the Trash. When you release your chosen application over the bin, you will hear a sound effect that sounds like paper being scrunched up.
  • You can quickly move selected programs to the trash by pressing Cmd + Del.
  • The Trash acts as a safety buffer in case you delete anything by mistake. If you open the Trash, you can view its contents and drag items back out if required.

Step 4 - Empty your Trash

4. Empty your Trash. Once you are certain that you will never need the program(s) again, you can empty your Trash, which will free up space on your computer. To empty the Trash, right-click on the Trash icon, select "Empty Trash, and then click Empty Trash to confirm.
  • You can quickly empty the trash by pressing Command + Shift + Del. If you don't want to be prompted for a confirmation, press Command + Shift + Option + Delete instead.